Thursday, January 7, 2010


I've got a few picts of some happy customers w/ there new Pixie HoodEs on:

She just bought and walking away happy and a warm noggin

Here's one in the snow

Fellow Vendor at Meet Your Maker who wanted this hat soo bad. She hid it in my booth and was coming back to get it after the show was over. Well Here Friend beat her too it and Bought it secretly for her for Christmas. The show was over she came by to buy it and it was gone. She was soo sad. Little did she know that it was waiting for her safely for Christmas :)

My Question for you is would you want to see more
1. Green Elf like HoodEs
2. Brown w/leaves on it "Woodland" HoodEs
3. All different kinds and Colors

And with your answer what do you think would sell more??
Thanks for your comments I so appreciate them :)

Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hope your Holidays was great!!
Now it the new year, and I've been told "Valentines day is next what do you have ready? HuH? I'm still recovering from Last Year. Ok its the new Year, and I guess I should get on it. I've got tons of ideas bouncing around in my head, There just not Valentines items. Oh well. I have found some great items on Etsy for you.

These would all be great at a Valenties Party

Love Re-Useable Fabric Banner by for only $10.00

Valentine Party Picks from for only $10.00

Kiss Me Fused Glass Trinket Bowl from for $15.00

These sweet 25 Nature Favors Bird Seed Heart Valentine Party Favor Decorations
by for $24.95

You cant forget the cards
4 Vintage Valentines Day Cards A-Meri-Card by for $5.00

how about a custom White and Red Polka Dot Photo Valentine's Day Card from for $12.00

and these cute Childrens Sci-Fi Valentines Day Cards from for $7.00

and for that gift well there is just too much to list so I'm only giving ya two:

First one for Your Necklace or Bracelet Flying Heart,trollbeads in solid sterling

Organic Red ROSE - real flower NECKLACE - Collection of unique handmade jewelry from RoyalPrincess Designs by