Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What to do w/ days off of School?
Make some dipped candles. All you need is some beeswax, wicks,scissors, a can to melt the wax in.


Second dip:

third dip in the cool water

then back in the hot wax, and repeat. Till you get the candle how big as you want it.
I took some of the wicks w/wax on them and twisted them around a squr and made some pretty candles. We are giving some away for solstice. Sell some at the Winter Gift Fair 30% sales will go our kids school.

So thanks violinkeri.etsy.com for reminding me to be crafty w/ my kiddos ;)
Check out her shop for some great gifts!

We also used stamps and made Christmas cards, and Oatmeal cookies

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wow November is half way over and it seems like it just started!

SO for the remainder of this month. Some of the Leaf Pouches are only $10!!
You haven't seen my leaf pouches yet. Well check out Cass wearing one of them in Ohrid, Macedonia!

here's what she said:

Its been awhile since I said i would leave feedback. I apologize its been so long... I LOVE my pouch extra much... now, since the feedback opportunity for this item on etsy has expired, I give you permission to use these photos of me wearing your pouch in anyway you like.



Thanks Cass!

Monday, November 9, 2009


New Pixie HoodEs just out of the secret forrest work shop:

(Green Elf)

(Owl love you forever)

(Green Dream) *SOLD*

(forest Dweler, I think this one is mine)

a Needle felted Unicorn on the side of this one.

Also, you asked and here they come more Wooden Catapults!!!
Just in time for those special Christmas Gifts :)


thanks for lookin

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween and Samhain!

An Ancient festival known as Samhain which is derived from Old Irish and means roughly "summer's end. The festival of Samhain celebrates the end of the "lighter half" of the year and beginning of the "darker half". The veal beween worlds is thin, allowing spirits to pass through. One's families ancestors were honoured and invited home whilst harmful spirits were warded off. It is believed that the need to ward off harmful spirits led to the wearing of costumes and masks. Hence Halloween as we know it, Parties and trick-o-treating!

I have a few Etsy Favs to share w/ you

Handmade Folk Art Witch art doll OOAK polymer clay Beatrice:

by http://hopeandjoystudios.etsy.com

Ignis Fatuus, Jack of the swamps:

from http://ALittleCharacter.etsy.com

Brooms from http://BROOMCHICK.etsy.com

One of my most favorite artist on etsy
The Coven - Original Acrylic Painting:


Whatever you do on Halloween have a great time and be safe.
Remember to brush your teeth!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Everyone deserves music, Sweet Music
Everyone deserves music, Sweet Music

I bet you haven't thought about looking on etsy for Music or music making instruments?

Well I have and I'm going to share w/ you what I found.

Lotus (flute)

from http://aikuzzuraflutes.etsy.com

Chinese musical instrument hulusi with 3 keys

from http://www.zeyu.etsy.com

GRAVIKORD, Double Harp, Electro-Acoustic, Kora

from http://www.NewMuse.etsy.com

Here's a Cd RATED G music CD original songs by Mike Burnes

You can find on http://www.wildwood.etsy.com

Gourd Guiro Handcarved and Finshed with Stick:

from http://RitmicoPercussion.etsy.com

18 inch ashiko from scavenged cedar

from http://www.SlapHappyDrums.etsy.com

The experience of music has raised human passions to very high levels suggests that these sounds require attention and that trying to understand their role in our lives is a worth-while endeavor. Check out the music section in etsy and see what calls you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Street Fair Friends

So a few weeks back I did the Univesity of Oregon Street Fair. It went pretty well. I only did the Wednesday, Thursday. But it was fun hanging out and chatting it up with fellow Etsy Eugenians. I'd like to share a few of the artist w/ya.

who makes really sweet little bonnet hats
~all natural materials

amazing false gauged earrings, that will fool anyone!

thats only two, there is more to come

Monday, October 19, 2009


Monsters on etsy!

Original Monster Art by Harry


Monsters in sterling silver pendant necklace:

by http://ballandchain.etsy.com

in Ceramic, hand thrown monster personal tea set:

by http://skeletaldropkick.etsy.com

Halloween Haunted Monster Mash Hand Embellished Custom Boys Jeans Sz. 1-10

by http://mydeepbluec.etsy.com

Amazing Custom Made for you Woolie Wog Goblin Needle felt fantasy Wool fiber soft sculpture doll

by http://TangleWoodThicket .etsy.com

Monster Monsters everywhere even in your underwear


Let the artist of etsy bring out your inner monster.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Here's some of the threadkillas on my thread to win a Pixie HoodE
They are all so sweet and you must visit there shops!

JanEleven beautiful Vintage items, original Art, and unique Jewelery:
LilPink Sweetheart Necklace

Ink, does wonderful custome t-shirt/shoes check out theses
Pirate Ship and Pirate Skull Tattoo Inspired Custom Designed Shoes

Here's the link to my thread
Go enter maybe you'll win a Pixie HoodE

Have a great rest of your weekend!

on CLEARANCE - Cherie Pendant Necklace - Rose Swarovski Crystals, Vintage Hand Painted Glass Cabochon and Gold

Henatayeb Flower Maker Photograph:

She has jewelry, dog toys, sewing and art :

this is Uno the one eyed monster:

from lanakinbuddys Pegasus Blanket:

Rayvenwood Manor HAIR STICK Gothic RED, Black, Clear SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL Set of two HANDMADE:

from LittleMissCreate Dog Puppy Advent Tree Calendar Christmas:

Go enter my thread maybe you'll win a Pixie Hoode

Notice I tried to have a pink theme?
October Is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
remember to get checked and to remind your family and friends to do the same!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Handmade Halloween!

Wicked Witch of the West soft mask - child size

from http://www.magicalmasks.etsy.com
She's got all kinds of great masks in her shop please check her out!

Little Blue Crochet Halloween Monster

from http://ParamiPanda.etsy.com

Hand Carved Skeleton Marionette Puppet
carved from lime wood

from http://www.companyofmarionettes.etsy.com

Short Red Dragon Tail

from http://www.fancypantskidscanada.etsy.com

Halloween isn't halloween without a few good treats
FALL / HALLOWEEN CANDY - Chocolate covered pretzels - Gourmet Treat

from http://www.etsy.com

How about some cider
Wonderful natural mulling spices for Crock Pot Wine or Apple cider:

from http://www.designtalentedone.etsy.com

Any, or all of these will make your halloween a very special one.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boy is it cold outside!


Here's some Etsy finds to warm you up

From StudioApparel.etsy.com "Tea For Two Jacket"

How about a Felted purple scarf from thebeachcomberstudio.etsy.com

here's one from ManicManx.etsy.com "steampunk frock coat, neo victorian in black velvet" Very Unique~

Super cute Upcycled Felted Wool Mittens Flower Applique Red and Green
from formydarling.etsy.com

Beautiful PEONY COAT from econica.etsy.com - organic cotton fleece CUSTOM MADE IN YOUR SIZE

and this amazing Handmade felted afghan from kallerin.etsy.com

Don't forget Baby with these felted baby gum boot. stripes. (3-9 months)
from ingridmoss.etsy.com