Monday, March 31, 2008

Lots to do!

Well Brandon and I have been busy!
Brandon has a few things in his own shop he's been working on.
P40 War Hawk Rubber band Powered Balsa wood plane. Sweet little Cherry Medicine Cabinet. Also working in Built to Last for Tim.

As for me I've finished a Mermaid and a Fairy art dolls.
Spring Cleaning my work space and getting out Materials that I've forgotten about. Time to drop off at the Goodwill!

I got to see Obama speak here in Eugene. I thought it was amazing!! I really believe he is the Hope we've been waiting for. I went this last weekend to the Obama HQ and did some canvasing. I really want him to win.

On Sunday my good friend and Neighbor Star went and dug up some Raspberries Plants! I'm so excited, I love raspberries!

Don't forget we have two boys, so we were super busy!! Adan has to go back to school tomorrow from his Spring Break. It seams like it was so fast. Wow tomorrow is April 1st! My mothers Birthday! Better call her in the Morning.

That's enough typing for know.

Oh I got a treasury on etsy today check it out!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Daily Blog???

Its so hard to Daily Blog. I'm not sure how people do it! I've been so busy.
I got to go and see Obama speak here in Eugene,Oregon. Then helped Star a very good friend(and Neighbor) build some garden beds.

Played with our Boys!

Took a deep breath!

We have a few projects in the works. When they're done I'll post them here first!
have a great night!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

Some people say its today some say its sometime between now and the 23rd of March. I say whenever you fell it in the air.

Ostara is a great time. Exactly 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Its a balance.

Time of new beginnings. Flowers are blooming and leaves are popping out. Pick some flowers and put them on your table. Take a moment or two. Light a candle and let the energy of new life burst into bloom with in you. May it be with new ideas, thoughts for you and your future. For the world around you too.

Blessed be


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I got a treasury today!

I can't figure out how to get the treasury to show up on here so here is the link:

These are some of the Super nice artist on Etsy that took time and helped me out w/ a question on the Etsy Forums. SO I put them in a treasury this morning.
Click... click.....

Another Wet morning! I walk my Son up to the bus stop this morning. Love looking at the Fog rolling over the hills. Seeing the worms crossing the street, there are so cute! Don't forget the snails inching along. What a Great way to start the day.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fairy GodMother

I just traded this Needle/wet felted piece "Vrkasana"(Tree Pose) It was my first. I traded it to Kathryn Joy Schreiber. She is a wonderful lady. She is my Fairy Godmother on Etsy. She is so sweet! She fell in love w/ this piece. I love her work also. I'm writing today to honor her.
She has 4 shops on Etsy not just one, Four.
She has done stained glass for 28 years. She makes such beautiful art! Art to hang and look at, to wear, to play with(Kaleidoscopes) and sells Supplies to make to make your own art. Beautiful Jewelery Boxes, Elegant Jewelery. She's totally Unique.
She took me under her wing and helped me out with my shop and told me about this amazing group on etsy. FAEETSY they are the Fantasy Artist on Etsy group.
I'm so blessed to have met her on etsy. What a true beauty she is! Go ahead and click away on her shops I'm sure you'll find something you will love!
My fingers are tired. So goodnight!

Monday, March 17, 2008



Frogs, aren't they just so cute! I love frogs and have loved them since I was a little girl. I used to wait and wait till the summer Rains came in Arizona. Then I watch the Big Bull Frogs come up out of the ground. It was so magical! I have a dwarf clod frog "Bubbles". He's totally sweet!
Also check out my frogs on Etsy there is two that kiss!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Trees! Amazings Creatures! Without them we wouldn't be here. Think about it.
Our Breath.
A place for birds to sing and live.
Animals homes.
A home, your chair, Your kids toy plane, Your picture frame that holds art.
Wonderful Trees! There is so many different kind, Shape, Sizes.
Even if I'm allergic to some of there blooms. I love them all. There isn't one that I don't like.
In Eugene Most of the trees look like this, with green Moss, and ferns growing on top of the branches. Is so inspiring. I was on a walk in my neighborhood and saw this lovely tree.
My favorite Book about Trees is "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein. If you haven't read it please do!
Check out the wonderful "TREEs" on Etsy! I've got one in my Store too.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Bunnies Bunnies everywhere. THEY'RE Multiplying!! Isn't that what they do??

Monster Bunnies, Funny Bunnie, and NOW Billy Bunnies!

There made from recycled felt. You get to see them first!

Hippity Hoppity!

GO ahead jump around, I know you want to! Just do it!

I'm Posting them on Etsy tonight!

Happy Hopping~

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hello and Welcome to ThingsinStuff Blogger Spot!
Were not sure how this works.
But hey lets try it out!
Brandon does all the wood working, or should I say Wood art for kids. He's very into making airplanes at the present moment. He makes Kids toys and furniture. Brandon and I believe in leaving little impact as possible on mama Earth. All the wood that is used is salvaged. Brandon does costum orders. If you have any questions just ask!
Brandon is my Husband and best friend. Were are so lucky to have each other! Were a silly two some. We have two amazingly cool boys that take most of our time. What little is left we get crafty! (In more ways than one.) -tee hee
As for my self, I do may things too. I love creating faces out of clay and making fairy's and lil people who magically fill my world everyday. Even if you can't see the ones around you in your daily life they are there. If you still can't see them you may purchase one of mine to remind you. Can't you wait to have one of these magical spirits in your home??
I sell my Fairy wings and Fairy Dress up wear for girls and woman of all ages at the amazing Sweat Potato Pie here in Eugene, Oregon!
I'm exploring Wool at the present. I needle felt, and I love it! I make clothing. I also make Monsters, Rabbits, frogs! Which you can check out a sample of all or our work on Etsy!