Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fairy GodMother

I just traded this Needle/wet felted piece "Vrkasana"(Tree Pose) It was my first. I traded it to Kathryn Joy Schreiber. She is a wonderful lady. She is my Fairy Godmother on Etsy. She is so sweet! She fell in love w/ this piece. I love her work also. I'm writing today to honor her.
She has 4 shops on Etsy not just one, Four.
She has done stained glass for 28 years. She makes such beautiful art! Art to hang and look at, to wear, to play with(Kaleidoscopes) and sells Supplies to make to make your own art. Beautiful Jewelery Boxes, Elegant Jewelery. She's totally Unique.
She took me under her wing and helped me out with my shop and told me about this amazing group on etsy. FAEETSY they are the Fantasy Artist on Etsy group.
I'm so blessed to have met her on etsy. What a true beauty she is! Go ahead and click away on her shops I'm sure you'll find something you will love!
My fingers are tired. So goodnight!

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