Monday, March 31, 2008

Lots to do!

Well Brandon and I have been busy!
Brandon has a few things in his own shop he's been working on.
P40 War Hawk Rubber band Powered Balsa wood plane. Sweet little Cherry Medicine Cabinet. Also working in Built to Last for Tim.

As for me I've finished a Mermaid and a Fairy art dolls.
Spring Cleaning my work space and getting out Materials that I've forgotten about. Time to drop off at the Goodwill!

I got to see Obama speak here in Eugene. I thought it was amazing!! I really believe he is the Hope we've been waiting for. I went this last weekend to the Obama HQ and did some canvasing. I really want him to win.

On Sunday my good friend and Neighbor Star went and dug up some Raspberries Plants! I'm so excited, I love raspberries!

Don't forget we have two boys, so we were super busy!! Adan has to go back to school tomorrow from his Spring Break. It seams like it was so fast. Wow tomorrow is April 1st! My mothers Birthday! Better call her in the Morning.

That's enough typing for know.

Oh I got a treasury on etsy today check it out!

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