Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hello and Welcome to ThingsinStuff Blogger Spot!
Were not sure how this works.
But hey lets try it out!
Brandon does all the wood working, or should I say Wood art for kids. He's very into making airplanes at the present moment. He makes Kids toys and furniture. Brandon and I believe in leaving little impact as possible on mama Earth. All the wood that is used is salvaged. Brandon does costum orders. If you have any questions just ask!
Brandon is my Husband and best friend. Were are so lucky to have each other! Were a silly two some. We have two amazingly cool boys that take most of our time. What little is left we get crafty! (In more ways than one.) -tee hee
As for my self, I do may things too. I love creating faces out of clay and making fairy's and lil people who magically fill my world everyday. Even if you can't see the ones around you in your daily life they are there. If you still can't see them you may purchase one of mine to remind you. Can't you wait to have one of these magical spirits in your home??
I sell my Fairy wings and Fairy Dress up wear for girls and woman of all ages at the amazing Sweat Potato Pie here in Eugene, Oregon!
I'm exploring Wool at the present. I needle felt, and I love it! I make clothing. I also make Monsters, Rabbits, frogs! Which you can check out a sample of all or our work on Etsy!


Alysse Hennessey said...

M- the new red and white fairies are amazing. They have such life in them!

Kerry said...

Great fairies! Great monster bunny! Great blog!

Brandon said...

Thanks for your comments guys!