Wednesday, August 6, 2008

EnchantedGypsy at FaerieWorlds!

Enchanted Gypsy!

I was walking along at the FaeriesWorld on Friday (Good Faerie day) and I saw these beautiful needle felted creations. Hey I thought, I've see these on etsy. So I went over to the beautiful lady who was busy felting away. I asked her if she was on etsy. She said yes, then it hit me: Enchanted Gypsy! I've put her work on treasuries. Her creation are just magical. Pixie is super talented mama!

A little about EnchantedGypsy They are a nomadic family of two adults, one newborn and five birds travelling the states in a veggie fueled, solar powered house bus.(SUPER COOL) Making stuff on Etsy and to sell at craft fairs and other venues is how they make a living (mainly in Oregon and California)

Check um out on etsy:

Or there Blog at:
I wish I would of sat down w/ her and chatted more. She is such a beautiful Spirit.
Many Blessings Pixie, and lots of sales!


kim* said...

wow she is pretty amazing! i added her nursing creation. it is so sweet.

Cherry Lane Jane said...

Yes her nursing one is so sweet! How cool to run into a fellow Etsian while you were out and about:)

missknits said...

thanks for visiting my blog :) i just love enchantedgypsy's work too!! always in awe of her work! so cool you got to meet her and see her pieces in person!

melissa said...

I must say her works is trully magical. I really want some of her Enchantments!


Stela said...

That's awesome you got to meet!!
Her work is very beautiful

Anonymous said...

I bet we walked past each other at Faerieworlds! I was the short chubby brunette with the camera saying "oooooh, pretty!" every 30 seconds! LOL!

I love her creations too.

ABrushWithHumor said...

EnchantedGypsy is amazing!