Monday, July 28, 2008

Best blue berries!

This was the BEST place to pick Blue berries near Eugene. I love the Berry Patch Farm! There is seven different kind of varaites of blue berries. There huge to small. All the sweetest around. And why pay $2.99 for only 8oz, when you can pick your own and its only 1.25 a pound!
Adan's working hard to gather as much has he can. Who can fill there bucket first gets a special treat. (Just alittle bribery never hurts)
I think Elijah ate more than he picked. He ask when can we go back and pick again.
If your in the area and want the best berries around. Just go to Leaburg, Oregon and just past Leaburg there will be a sign on your right.

MMMMmmm Yummy!


kim* said...

That has to be the best to do, pick berries


Oh! Yum! The ones you pick are the ones that taste the best!!