Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm not talking about the Part of the Brain that belongs to the limbic system and plays major roles in long term memory. NO, I'm talking about the Mythical Creature.

The "Hippocampus" dates back to one of the oldest mythical creatures ever transmuted from the human mind to stone, and a particular favorite to the ancient Greeks. Greek words hippos meaning "horse" and campus meaning "sea monster". (Sea Horse) In Greek mythology, Hippocampus refers to a mythical creature on which sea gods rode.

Hippocampus is the elemental Spirit of Water, and represents the energy of Dreams, Emotions, the Unconscious, and Intuition.

I think they are rather Beautiful! Here's my latest Wool Art piece:

and here's the direct link:

Here is some of my Favoirtes for other Etsy Artist:

Tanzanite Seahorse Necklace:

(This is so pretty, lots of time went into this)


~Great Artist w/ no sales yet :(

Steampunk hippocampus brooch:

Oh I want this!!

Etched Dichroic Glass Hippocampus Pendant:

from Eugene :)

Sewing Pattern Make a Merhorse Mythical Hippocampus Stuffed Animal EASY design from Fantasy Creations:


and this Dark green Monoceros skirt:


thanks for looking~

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SunShineandLaughter said...

Your hippocampus piece is awesome!