Saturday, September 19, 2009

FeltArtistic is having a giveaway!!

Heather stay at home mom to three children. She is a Multi-Craft Mama
that crochet, creates items from felted sweaters, loom knitting, scrap booking, and sewing.

She is celebrating 50 sales in her etsy shop!! Congrats Heather many more sales to you :)

The winner of Her Giveaway will receive, a journal cover, a yummy little pincushion, a coffee cuff and a choice of fingerless gloves from her Shop.

Here's the link

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aqua es vita!

Aqua es vita
which means Water is Life!!

Its only hydrogen and oxygen, but it soo precious!
Watch this youtube on a new movie that everyone should see!!

Chlorination of our public drinking water in the USA is just wrong! This law is in effect to sterilize and disinfect the water, eradicating all types of bacteria. This means both beneficial and harmful bacteria are killed. Chlorine also disinfects our blood when we drink chlorinated water, since our bodies are 80% water (and likewise disinfects pets' blood and plants' sap) which means many immune enhancing micro-organisms resident in the body are killed or seriously weakened. Continuous consumption leads to severely impaired immune systems in living organisms.

Besides the Fositle fules that it takes to make the Bottles for the all the water bottles used. Drinking bottled water is bad for the environment and your wallet. We are distroying our plantet.

~Here are five reasons why you should give up bottled water.

Reusing Single Use Bottles Can Be Dangerous
Disposable plastic water bottles are not meant for multiple uses. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles are fine for a single use, but reuse can lead to bacterial growth and leaching of dangerous chemicals.

Bottled Water Uses Oil
Bottled water is full of oil and energy. Making bottles to meet Americans' demand for bottled water requires the equivalent of more than 17 million barrels of oil annually, enough to fuel some 100,000 cars for a year. To put it another way, the entire energy costs of the lifecycle of a bottle of water is equivalent, on average, to filling up a quarter of each bottle with oil.

Bottled Water is Expensive
Drinking the recommended daily amount of water using bottled water can cost an average of $1,400 per year; drinking the same amount from the tap costs around 49 cents for the year.

Tap Water is Perfect For Drinking
Your tap water is fine to drink. Tap water is more highly regulated than bottled water and over 90 percent of water systems meet EPA's standards for tap water quality. (I've got a good filter to put on my tap)

Bottled Water Is Just Tap Water
At least 40 percent of bottled water is tap water anyway. That's right: you are paying a huge premium on water that you could have just gotten from your tap in the first place.

Look at all the engery that it takes to get your bottled water

Have you checked the bottle label and even the cap -- if it says "from a municipal source" or "from a community water system" this means it's derived from tap water.

Researchers have calculated that the energy required to produce bottled water is up to 2,000 times more than the energy required to produce tap water.

The U.S. is the largest consumer market for bottled water in the world, followed by Mexico, China, and Brazil. In 2008, U.S. bottled water sales topped 8.6 billion gallons. American alone spent 15 billion last year!! We pitch 38 billion water bottles a year into landfills. Lets stop the madness and carry our own!!!

How about this Waterbottle from Etsy

Water Bottle Carrier - Buddha

and this English Leather Bottle (2QT/Half Gallon)

We all can make our planet better one less plastic water bottle at a time!!

Patrick Swayze

To remember Patrick Swayze on etsy. He died Monday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 57. First movie he was in, Skatetown USA. Then The Outsiders, Red Dawn, Youngblood, Dirty Dancing, Steel Dawn, Next of kin, RoadHouse, Ghost, Point Break,and Black dog, round out the 10 ten.



Remember Actor Patrick Swayze - Magnet by

Upcycled Dirty Dancing Record Purse


Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Fast Finds

For Friday Fast Finds I chose some of my new fav items on Etsy, I came across last night.

Nuno-felted scarf/shawl from merino wool and natural silk in natural brown colors


gift from the sea


Match in Hand Photograph - 4x6


Thats it for Friday, hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Now go and check out these shops.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today is 9-9-09, the number 9 is of completion and finality, but 9 is also the number of sympathy, love, selfless sacrifice and morality. September 9, 2009 we will have our attention directed to issues of personal interconnections and brotherhood. Really? I don't know about that. but Heres some 9's for ya from etsy:

Ivory Number 9 Vintage Typewriter Key Charm




9 Lucky Number Pendant - Steampunk Noir:

Love Potion Number 9


Cloud 9 Wall Plaque:


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Post!! Its been like fall the last few weeks so I thought I'd bring you some fall


by for $99.00


for $200.00 by

Fine Art Photography Print 8x12 inch / 20x30 cm - For Autumn

by for $20.00

and last but not least my Fall Leaf Pouches

you can find them at for $16.00

Yes the leaves are changing there colors right now. I'll get some picts when they are in full color!

Have a blessed day

Did I mention Free Shipping World Wide in My ButterflyEffect shop for Labor Day Weekend!!!