Thursday, January 7, 2010


I've got a few picts of some happy customers w/ there new Pixie HoodEs on:

She just bought and walking away happy and a warm noggin

Here's one in the snow

Fellow Vendor at Meet Your Maker who wanted this hat soo bad. She hid it in my booth and was coming back to get it after the show was over. Well Here Friend beat her too it and Bought it secretly for her for Christmas. The show was over she came by to buy it and it was gone. She was soo sad. Little did she know that it was waiting for her safely for Christmas :)

My Question for you is would you want to see more
1. Green Elf like HoodEs
2. Brown w/leaves on it "Woodland" HoodEs
3. All different kinds and Colors

And with your answer what do you think would sell more??
Thanks for your comments I so appreciate them :)

Have a wonderful week!


Celeste Jean said...

Your hoodies are great. Here's my thoughts: I love organic and/or recycled... could these ideas be incorporated? Earth tones usually strike a chord with me.

Audrey said...

Great pictures!! LOVE the hoodies.

Anonymous said...

I have a purple hoodie and it's just adorable. I like the variety, but all your hoodies are wonderful. Jan

kanishk said...

lovely pics
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