Saturday, November 27, 2010

Its that time of the Year!!!

Its that time of the Year. For what you say? Christmas/Solstice, silly :P
We'll if you looking for Unique, and wanting to susport an Artist (NO BIG BOX)
Look no further than Etsy!! Its got it all~

Really you want something Yummy, yep it there!
Chocolate/Orange Truffles The Real Deal. 1/2 LB Gift Wrapped For Christmas.

made by

You want a Painting?? Yep
Long Way Home- 24 x 36, handpainted art on canvas, gallery wrapped and ready to hang, ORIGINAL and HUGE

made by

You need some new socks?
handknit wool cotton socks, W 7.5-9.5

made by

for the little one, yep too much to list. Here's a Etsy Stocking Stuffers list

You'll find our Catapults on the list :)
Get them before they are gone. We sold out really quick last year.
We will sale out again.

Check out Etsy for Wondrous gift ideas or just for your self :)


Pennie said...

This looks so great! What a wonderful blog post! Thank yuo so much for including me!

Many smiles, Pennie :)

Catalina Calderon said...

Hello! glad to find your blog! Spotted your Lime Green pixie Pleasure listing. Is that a Papier mache sculpture under the hoodie?

... following!

melissa said...

Why yes Catalina Paper Mache Heads do my Pixie HoodE modeling :)

and thanks for following~