Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For your Pets

What can you get for your pets on etsy?
Well there is just so much to choose for those friends you love so dearly.

Pet Bed Eco-Friendly Fleece Olive Green Cocoa Brown
for $50.00

Pet Collars Necklace Swarouski crystals and glass pearls
for $ 16.00 from

Check out this luxury Sandstone Colored Granite Raised Feeder for $175.00

This is cool, a kitty who's aware.
Breast Cancer Awareness Catnip toy for $5.00

Don't forget Halloween!
Fairy Dog Halloween Costume for $20.00

How about a Custom Needle Felted likeness of your dog?
for $65.00

can't forget the treats!
Try these Peanut Butter Carob Chip Bones
you get 8 oz for $8.00


Rosebud Collection said...

What a group of things for your pet..
Just great..Amazing what people can do and what a good job doing it..

jenelisebeth said...

Ooh, thanks for listing these shops! My dog needs some pampering...

BeckyKay said...

Wow! That needle-felted dog is amazing!

missknits said...

how fun! i have seen a lot of these before and just love them all! so much talent!

UxCritter said...

You've done a wonderful job representing some of the items pet owners can purchase from the handcrafted community of Etsy. So many great products to choose from. I am honored that you picked my fun cat toy's for the Cause! Thank You! (I had a difficult time keeping my cat away from those yummy smelling catnip toys. lol)

dianem said...

I didn't realize how many great pet items are on etsy. Very good collection.