Thursday, December 4, 2008

ThreadKiller Junkies

Thread Killer Junkies, yes I'm one of those. If you haven't already posted or read some in the Etsy Forums. You should, there are lots of great people on there that I've chatted with. Its fun and insightful. You can learn better ways to Promote your shop, just talk, find that curtain something your looking for.

Back to the Thread Killer. Whats a thread killer you ask. Well when someone post a thread killer they are giving us a place to meet, chat, and see each others work and possibility a chance to win Fabulous Prizes!! Who doesn't like that! In some threads you have to be the last to post in for 24 hours to win. Some you have to be the magical Number. I've wondered what is the magically number to really stop and kill the thread from it going on. I guess I'll never know.

So today I've thought I'd share some of the great people and there stores with you.
1st I'd thought I'd start with Just another soap thread killer:

It is hosted and posted by

She's got great soaps :
Tiki Bars
Manly Soap
EO Soap
FO Soap
Lip Balms
Bath Bombs
and Samples!!! Go and get your self or someone you love clean!!

Here's another great shop whom I've had the pleasure to type at
There a family ran business with very unique goods:

She has Vintage goodies and some of her Paintings
here's one of her finds Vintage Sterling Silver And Abalone Vintage Adjustable Rings:

there are many more, great people on the thread killers I just gave you a few. Stop by the forums and give it a shot. Tomorrow I'll feature another thread killer and show you a few more very cool shops!
Have a great Thursday, I know I'll try


PamperingBeki said...

I'm a total threadkiller.

I've never joined in those threads though!

missknits said...

lol yea i think i killed 6 threads this morning already! lol this was a great post! and lovely shops!

KayzKreationz said...

Missed a couple of those thead killer threads. May have to check them out. Nice blog.