Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bras with a cause

At the McDonald Theater Last night was the 1st night of the Vagina Monologes. Aysse(Alythered on etsy), Newwana, and I set up to sell the bras we all had made. The power bras with a cause. We had fun, and sold 5 and got some donations for our dear friends. Tonight there will be someone else setting up to take there turn in help selling them. There was about 20 women and 1 sweet little girl (5 1/2) who had made the bras. People loved them. We had 30 decorated bras for the Cause!!

Alysse made this one:

I think we are going to keep having Power bra parties and keep on selling them to raise money. Did you know that each Kimo thearpy is $10,000!! I know that Carri's got insurance but will only cover 80%. She isn't working right now. Did I tell you she's a Dula? Here Husband Bill is working. Its really hard for them to come up with the money. Also the Doctors found a spot on her liver. Cancer on the liver too. Its not right! Carri is so young she's 31. She is soo Positive, such a supper Mama!! I'm in awe.

Here's two that I made:

this one sold (YAY!)

Notice the Bra donation bag hanging from the Manakin (oh so clever):

Hope everyone has a Cheerful Tuesday!!


missknits said...

these are just awesome and what a wonderful cause!! keep up the wonderful work!

Brandon said...

Thanks Missknits!