Friday, February 13, 2009


Today is Elijah's Birthday!!

(Elijah fishing at the Green Valley Ponds in Payson AZ)

Elijah is my youngest son. He's a Big Six years old. He was born in Taos, New Mexico at 12:40 am, in the birthing tub at the Midwifery Center. My Lil early Valentine. He really is such a sweet guy. He's so thoughtful. He's always smiling. If your not happy, he knows. He comes right over and gives you a hug and usually does something funny to make you change your mood. He is the sweetest Lil guy!

So this morning he awoke up with a big shy smile. I started to sing to him. The smile grew even bigger. He got dressed and came out to the living room which was transformed into a birthday fiesta. Balloons and streamers and a Big birthday banner. And Presents sitting on the couch. He didn't see the presents yet. He ate Breakfast(he wanted blueberries with oatmeal) Then he asked do I get a present?

Brandon turned on the radio and put in a tape. The Beatles "Happy Birthday". Its our tradition. Dance around singing along. He opened a few presents and then off to catch the bus. I'll be going to his school later to bring a treat, and to do some Valentines things w/ his class.

Then Brandon is taking off early from work to surprise Elijah. Games, Birthday Dinner, and a few more presents.

Have a wonderful day today! I know that I will. Its my Celebration as well.

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missknits said...

Awwww Happy Birthday to Elijah! i hope he had a magical day! and Happy Valentine's Day as well!