Saturday, March 14, 2009


Just a Quick post today. Today is my oldest "Adan Aslan Orion Space Smith" birthday today!! Yes that's his whole name. He's 11!! He woke up this morning and then went back to bed. I thought that he wanted to sleep in some. So Brandon, Elijah and I all went about our morning just waiting for him to get up. About an hour later Adan came out and said weren't you going to come and wake me up? Adan said that Elijah told him that Dad would get him up. He was jus waiting all that time. lol

Here's a Picture of Adan and Elijah this morning. Elijah wrapped up lots of cars of his to give to his big brother. Also he made his own card. Usually I'm the one telling my kids lets make a card and make a present or go get one at the store. But Elijah this time did it all on his own. He was super cute and sneeky. He wanted his big brother to be surprised.

Later after lunch we are going to go see Captain Bogg and Salty (they are a great Punk Pirate Band) Should be super fun. Here's a link so you can chech them out:

Have a great day everyone. I know we will.

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missknits said...

awww happy birthday to adan!