Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh the Faeries!

If I had some money I'd want these Faeries:

fairie blessing

by http://mulberrymudd.etsy.com

Enchanted Fairy House with WORKING LIGHTS and Porch Light


Secret Fairy Garden Book Treasure Box - A Magical Piece For Your Collection


Tiered felted hat:

by http://ingermaaike.etsy.com

Oh this dress
Forest Nymph Custom Costume Wearable Art:

by http://TheBohemianGoddess.etsy.com
Fairy, Faerie how ever you spell it. So many wonderful Faerie everything, you'll find on etsy. These are just a few I thought I'd share. Just in case you haven't seen any of these before.

1 comment:

Sarah McBride said...

I LOVE that leaf dress and the layered hat!! great finds.