Saturday, April 5, 2008

Just sold!!!

I can't figure out this picture thing sorry.
Anyways I made this dress for Kelli (gal in the picture) Just SOLD!
Its made from Sweaters, I recycled them into a sweet little dress.
Oh the flower is a pin matching dress. It can be moved around to your liking.
I'm going to be making more and in all different fabrics.
So if you need one of these babies, send me a line.
I gave her a friend price. I'm also into trades. If you want it made from sweaters it will end up costing you about $150.00. Other materials prices will vary.


Precious Memories. Always Remember. said...

I am not sure exactly what I want to do yet for the gocco clothing. But since my gocco is limited to doing 4 x 6 max, I am thinkin maybe doing female underwear (maybe boyshorts) or maybe tank tops. I haven't decided yet. Once I look more into it, I will let you know! I have to think of what I would want to put on the clothing (like what designs, animals, or whatever)

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

That looks so cute on her!!!!! You did a fantastic job! How nice to get these photos. I'm trying to get some fav cutomers to send me pics currently. How sweet!