Thursday, October 23, 2008

So busy, I didn't get around to post the picture of Brandon's new Catapult. He'll be listing them on etsy next week. He made on of these a few years ago, our boys love it. They use it to make up games to play with it and love to knock down the blocks and little men on the castles.

So here's a picture of the Catapult.

What do you think? Hope it will be a big hit for Christmas/Birthday presents!


Jen said...

All three of my kids (from 3-11) would love one of those!!! Very cool! Actually, I think my husband would love it the most!

germandolls said...

My son would love it! Do you make them?

Kayce said...

What a great gift idea!

Brandon said...

Yes my husband Brandon makes the Catapults, thanks for the feedback!!


Nicole Solo said...

This would be so much fun! Love handmade toys :))

Anonymous said...

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