Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Very cool finds!

Check out this very unique innertube bag!! They are from Eugene. SO many artist in Eugene.

You can find them on etsy at: http://twylyte.etsy.com/

Something you see alot of in Eugene, is bikes! I found this Swarovski Peace Bike Bell

for $40.00

I also have noticed in the summer lots of echinacea plants here as well. So I found this Echinacea ring from http://herbanelements.etsy.com/

for $248.00

Brandon is working on some catapults for children's toys I'll get a picture of it tomorrow you'll get the first look at his new toy. He'll be offering them up on Etsy next week. So that's all for today. Have a great one!!

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Devin said...

Great finds,They are all super cute:0)