Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hello! I wanted to give a giveaway again so here it goes.

I have only two lil people left out of all my Faerie/lil People. I will be making more in the future. So I would really like to share these lil guys with you.

~The Rules: Pick out your favorite item from the our shop, and then come back here to this entry and leave us a comment telling us what you like. Leave your name and email, otherwise we have no way to get a hold of you, and you'll be disqualified. Good luck !!

The green lil guy is #1 and the other guy is #2 so leave which Number you would like. You can choose both if you like. I'll have pick the winners on November 20th.
Good Luck!


Shell said...

fun giveaway!

i think your billy bunnies are cute!


Heather said...

I love your Decorative Wall Cabinet! I can look at it and imagine all the magickal things I could fill it with. Herbs, essential oils, potions and crystals. I love the detail that you put into it, especially the wavy glass! This is a must have for any green witch :)

Bright Blessings,

Thyme2dream said...

I like your brown & blue pixie looks very warm:-)

Have fun with the contest...thanks for inviting us!!

niftyknits said...

I like your faerie hoodie the best, it would make the best present for my son's gf. Well, almost best - the very best would be one of your lil people :-) I couldn't choose between them though, they're both so cute.

Brandon said...

Thanks guys anymore entries???
Tell your friends!


Cat (darklingwoods) said...

I like the pixie hoodie :)

Digital Misfit said...

Awww you took Fauna's boyfriends away! She is so sweet :)

My fave item is the Faerie Dream Hoode - your needle felting is just beautiful, and the HoodEs look so cozy!

I think both of your lil guys are adorable and I would be happy to make a home for either of them here.

Brandon said...

there still is time! Till november 20th so tell your friends!