Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Morning

Hello all, its Monday again!
1st Monday in November! I really like November, the election is almost over, its my birthday month, and Thanksgiving. All in all its a great month. Leaves are still falling. We had lots of rain this weekend and the colors are all plastered to the streets and sidewalks, it looks so pretty!

Here's my Neighbor Alysse (from ) her two boys and my two. In the corn maze on Halloween. That was a pretty cool experience. Just wouldn't take them at night, it gets more spooky. At least not yet!

Trick or Treating time! My Darth Vader's, and myself "Mama Darth" Notice my Bow,Oven Mitt and Apron? Halloween was fun!

Here's Brandon, I call him Fly Boy. He's really got Flying on the brain! Great Pose Hunny!
OK time to move on to Monday Morning finds:

This is so Pretty! Rusted root wrapped hug by:
$120.00 This would be a great Birthday present! Brandon are you reading this? Hint Hint.

This next one is the "Brigitte Tee" by made here in Oregon!

for $50.00 You can get short sleeve or long sleeve. How cool is that! Also you pick your colors. deep plum, grey, or cranberry (slinky jersey), *rich lilac, white, grey, black, or brown (light and soft cotton knit), *Red, olive green, or teal Birthday Present~wink wink~

Awww Bamboo and Soy:

Flow Pants in Soy or Bamboo by: for$70.00 Another Oregon artist. You can get them in Black, Brown, Purple, Periwinkle! Aww... my dream birthday outfits!
Oh did you catch Legend of the Seeker last night? Oh my goodness, that book series is Brandon's favorite, he's read all the books 3 times! He read the books series a few years ago. We were excited that it was going to be on TV. We saw the TV guide it said 10pm (we just went through a time change and didn't thing about changing the time on out TV. SO at ten we turned it on. It was half way over. sigh. Yes we had one hour to watch. But we missed the 1st part. sigh. It was really good. Now were just trying to find when and where if its going to be re aired. They definitely have skipped alot. But that's what they got to do in a tv series. Brandon says you should read the BOOKs!! http://www/ to learn more. You can watch a preview on there, also on youtube. I tried to get the video on here, I just couldn't get it to work.
Happy Monday!
Sorry such along posting.


MichellesCharmWorld said...

I looove looove looove those pants!! They just look sleek AND comfy!

missknits said...

looks like you had a great halloween!

i loved your finds!!! those are all awesome! i want that shirt/hug!!!

kim* said...

happy b-day. mine is too, :)