Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Off the wall

Really not off the wall, but popped out of my head
so here's your etsy "spork" finds

Do you drink tea? Well I do almost religiously. I've started to keep the little end of the tea bags. (the ones from Yogi tea) the all have different sayings on them. I'm going to share hopefully one a day if I can keep up on my blogging post.
YOGI TEA saying for the day is:
"Practice kindness, mercy and forgiveness"
its always good for my to read them and remember.


Lindsey said...

I want that huge spork! What a cool find.

Sarah McBride said...

very cool. Good to see that more than just Taco Bell can appreciate the spork. great etsy spork finds!!

missknits said...

that huge spork is hilarious!