Sunday, January 4, 2009

These are just amazing:

"Mother Earth with Trees and Niche"
for $200

Needle Felted Wool Tapestry--Waterfall in Autumn

for $125


She Waits, Feeling the Sea Swirl Around Her, It's All Magical

Also I wanted to let you know, that My Dear Friend Carri, was told she has Breast Cancer. (the day before Christmas) She is going to have Surgery on this Tuesday. She is a great Friend, Wife, a mother of two boys under the age of six. They are such a young family. She is also a Dula and a great on at that. They need help taking care of her bills. They're insurance will not cover everything. SO I decided to put all my goods that I make and sale on Etsy, 100% of all items sold will go to help her out.

So please go to my store and see if there isn't anything you would be able to buy and help a wonderful cause. I'll be adding more little things so more people can help me help her.

Positive thought to all the Woman out there that have been, and will be affected to Breast Cancer, and lets hope for the cure.

there is many artist on etsy who are helping fight for the Cause:

You can also visit these great websites:

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