Monday, January 19, 2009

We're Back!

Arizona was good. We got to see Family. Some we have never met. I was sure nice to be in Sunny weather that was warm. We were in the 70's the whole time. The last day it was 79'

We were sweating. It was like summer. We flew back to Oregon and divied in to a foggy cloud filled Willamatte Valley and landed got off the plane and boy it was cold. Just a few hours were were dripping.

Its always good to come home again. We are glad to be back. Well Brandon isn't. He really loves AZ, well I do to. Its just I want to say in Oregon. I don't want to move to Arizona. I grew up in Payson which is in the middle of the state. A very small town back then. Population was 5 to 8 thousand. We defently had our four seasons. It has grown some and now its 20-30 thousand.
I just want a place with conscious people, who are doing no just talking about a better future.
Does that community exist in Prescott?

Brandon says its just to damp and cold here in Eugene. He's got mild Arthritis so I know it bothers him. He would like to Move to Prescott AZ when the kids are out of school. I know that in any relationships you need to compormise. We do miss family and friends that we don't get to see since we live so far away.

I love my Oregon. Its so green, the Ocean, waterfalls, the magic. Its really hard for me to even think about leaving. Adan and Elijah feels the same way I do. Arizona is pretty dry, some green just not as emerald as it is here. Lots to think about.

Ok enough rambeling on. While we were in Arizona we had our 2nd Etsy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday to us! I've decited to have a threadkiller giveaway. The winner will get to choose from a few different Pixie HoodEs. There will also be some prizes along the way.


Have you heard about the CPSIA Discussion on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act? Well if you haven't and want to know more please go to on etsy: The CPA has passed a law that all children's items must be tested for lead. -Which is good, but you have to test every item for lead which is $4000.00 each item.

Good bye one of a kind items. Brandon and I will both be affected by this new law. I want to support a stay-at-home mom/dad who is trying to supplement the family income while doing what's best for there children. I'm a stay at home mom, and I'm trying to do that.

Click on the link below for the CPSIA sight

It affects all etsy small business owners (and the Big Co. too) of Children's made goods.

We can write to our congressman, to Obama and lets have our voices be heard!! We have to do something.

A copy of the law as it stands today:
Please read if you haven't already, tell others to join in the fight.

Thanks for reading


PamperingBeki said...

That sunshine looks so nice!

Are those lemon trees?

Brandon said...

Yes Beki they are Lemons!