Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh to swim with a Mermaid

I found my Mermaid in a treasury!
"Oh to swim with a Mermaid under the cool blue sea "

It makes me Smile to see others like my work.

It was picked by Fairesnest.
Here's is the link I can't seam to make the screen shot any bigger.

Fairesnest is just an amazing artist! She puts many hours into each one of her creations. Wow what an imagination! I love her work its just magical. She is a member of Fae on etsy.
Check her out at: or

I'm sure you'll find something that fills your heart!


ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

Congrats for being in a treasury!! I love finding out that my items have been me a little "high". :)

FairiesNest said...

I had so much fun making that treasury!...and thanks so much for the plug! :)

Shannon said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog:) It is such a great feeling being picked for a treasury ~ congratulations!

Chris Stone said...

what a cute fairy! congrats on being in a treasury!