Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Spirit Falls

Went to Spirit Falls on Mothers Day. What a beautiful day. We drove past Cottage Grove and towards Dorena Reservoir. Star and her daughter came along. We were the only ones out there.

It was such a lovely hike down to the base of the falls.
We took lots of pictures. It was so inspiring all the beauty all around us.

We trecked up to the base of the falls. The power of the water coming down. Was so intense. The closer we got the force was pushing us back. It was like icy drops of water being slapped into our face. Check out my hat, the power of the falls was pushing my hat up. We loved it! Just to feel it. It was amazing! I had to let out a big Whooah!


knitsteel said...

I love big waterfalls. That would have been a perfect Mother's Day for me!

Callooh Callay said...

That's so gorgeous--sounds like the perfect mother's day (I went to brunch in a hotel--the antithesis of the perfect mother's day).