Thursday, August 21, 2008


"Jackal" is made by:

Masks were made to represent animals because hunting in early times. Masks were sacred and said to have tremendous power. Used for healing, funerals, control, as well as initiation and fertility rites. Symbolic masks were devised to be worn during ceremonies of many ancient peoples. These masks portrayed gods, animals and spirits and were worn ceremonially for communicating with supernatural forces believed to rule the universe.

"White Rabbit" is from :
"Earthy Greenman" is made by:

To Put on a mask you become that entity. Your transform your disguise into new. I love to were masks. Not the scary kind, more like animal,plant,nature spirits. I tried to get my Etsy favorites on this blog I just couldn't figure out how. So you'll just have to go to my Etsy store and click on my Favorites and its all in the first page. Wonderfully cleaver artist making MASKS!

"Majestic Phoenix" is from :

There are so many beautiful masks on etsy not just leather. Start searching and find that inner you.


missknits said...

wow these masks are really intense and so incredibly beautiful! true works of art! thanks for sharing!!

Brandon said...

check out my favorites page on my etsy site. there's more...