Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer time!

I just love this time of year. Picking Tomatoes, lettuce, carrots for my dinner salad. Don't forget the Corn I just picked and grilled. I love having a garden. And for Desert fresh Picked Blueberries in a Strudel. Adan, Elijah and I went and picked 26 pounds of Blue berries on Wednesday. We are so lucky to be living in Oregon the land of plenty.

Cucumbers are almost ready in the Garden. Yeah, I can't wait to make some pickles. I've always loved pickles.

Went to the "Y" tonight for NIA. Oh how I needed to go its been week in a half. I can really tell, my body needs to move.

We are planning to go Camping at Triangle Lake this weekend and go to Slide rock. Should be fun!

Tonight after dinner the boys were drumming away on pots, pans, and buckets outside. It made it into the Pool. The metal bowls in the water made great sound effects. Hope this video works.

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Amanda said...

mmmm, i just had lunch but you've already made me hungry again! i LOVE fresh blueberries (not the big ones you find in the grocery store, but the real ones)!! And pickling reminds me of my grandma, we used to do it together... nothing tastier than a baby cucumber, ice cold and oh-so crunchy!

Cherry Lane Jane said...

My garden is a plenty too and yes this time of year is wonderful!!! The kids music was very cool. Thanks for sharing:)

Jessica Torrant said...

Such a wonderful time of year to enjoy the fruits and vegetables of the season. Corn here in New England is particularly sweet and delicious this year. We don't have a garden, but we frequent a garden stand in town that is also an orchard. The peaches are overflowing with flavor and in a month the apples will be ready. But I don't want to wish a moment to go by. These are the days I wish would last just a little bit longer... :)

Love the water pot jam session. Looks like fun!