Friday, August 29, 2008

Xavier is coming to town. Tonight! Sept.2nd

Xavier who?? Xavier Rudd, you haven't heard of him!!?!??! Brandon and I discovered him about 4 years ago. Word to Mouth.

He's an Australian musian/surfer. A one-man-band/multi-instrumentalist who plays guitars, Yidaki (didgeridoos), Weissenborn slide guitars, stomp box, harmonica, and percussion. He performs his songs’ guitar, didgeridoo and various percussion parts simultaneously—using a unique set-up that finds him literally surrounded by his various instruments and singing from behind a stand holding three didgeridoos (of different keys). He's just amazing! He was influenced by Neil Young and Paul Simon at a Young age. He's got many heartfelt songs and positive messages to share. Go to his site and get to know Xavier Rudd you'll be glad you did! or at:

He'll be playing Eugene's McDonald Theatre on Sept. 2 at 8:00pm, I've already got my ticket!


Cara said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing

Brandon said...

Your welcome. Please go check him out!

littlebrownpen said...

Great finds, thanks for sharing!